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PE pipe

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    Basic Info

    Commodity name: PE pipe
    Brand Name: Dengquan
    Model No.: PE
    Size: Wall thickness: 4.2m
    Material: polyethylene plastic
    Applicable Place: City water pipe network system.Urban and rural d

    Product Description

    PE is a polyethylene plastic, the most basic kind of plastic.Many products use PE as raw materials,such as plastic bags,plastic wrap and so on.HDPE is a high degree of crystallinity, non-polar thermoplastic resin.Original state of HDPE has a milky appearance,and the thin cross-section was a certain extent translucent.PE have the most excellent characteristics of living and industrial chemicals.There are two types of PE pipe,density polyethylene pipe and high density polyethylene pipe.According to the thickness,divided to SDR17.6 and SDR11 series.The former is suitable for conveying gaseous artificial gas, natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas. The latter is mainly used to transport natural gas. Compared with steel pipe,PE has a simple construction process and a certain degree of flexibility.More important is that it have not to do preservative treatment.We will save a lot of steps.The disadvantage is that the device performance is not good as steel pipes, we have to pay special attention to safety distance of thermal heating,and can not exposed to air and sun.In addition,PE is sensitive to chemicals,so we have to prevent the damage from the leaking sewers.

    Product Characteristic

    Good health performance:The processing of PE pipe

    Company Information

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