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Explosion-proof shower hose

Place of Origin:Hunan Changde

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    Basic Info

    Commodity name: Explosion-proof shower hose
    Brand Name: Dengquan
    Material: stainless steel

    Product Description

    Sprinkler: 1, with the native environment ABS material, to prevent secondary pollution to keep the water healthy.2. The sprinkle can be protected from damaged by steel surface when dropping in natural height of 1.5 meters.3. The world's leading water technology, bringing a new bathing experience. Hoses: 1, South Korea's leading hose technology, tension up to 50 kg, static pressure 1.6mpa not burst, not broken. 2, environmental protection within the original raw material pipe material, effectively prevent secondary pollution to keep the water healthy. Lead standards: in line with national GB / T1176 lead standards, no harm to human health, protect you and your family use metal elements of product without harmful.

    Product Characteristic

    1.high-quality all-copper body, no rust. 2. in lin

    Company Information

    Company Name: 



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