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Vehicle classification issuing

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    Basic Info

    Commodity name: Vehicle classification issuing
    Brand Name: jinshengan
    Model No.: JSA-KJ-WB-ZF/X

    Product Description

    Vehicle Classification issuing machine unattended vehicle classification is based on national standards in the transport sector and the development of specially designed, first of its kind in the country, which sets the upper and lower functional operating area, which have three to take the top card buttons for 3, 4,5 class car take the card; the establishment of two lower buttons take the card, take the card for category 1 and 2 vehicles. And were also provided with the military police, help button, Guangdong-card swipe area, and a variety of tips, instructions, a better solution under the standing charge is not required vehicle identification device, the driver can make into according to their own self-help models to classify take the card.    It has achieved national invention patents and design patents. Its implementation has the following advantages:    1) a change in the past unattended issuing machine can distinguish between large, car design flaws, to adapt the requirements of the existing toll highway;    2) may be substituted vehicle identification equipment, huge cost savings they put in;    3) Self-vehicle classification done by the driver, the accuracy rate of more than 90%;    4) unique design, nuanced, very humane, very high standards and the pursuit of value. • Delivery Number: As you need

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